Hello, SKYLIL A creative company in the light of technology that has the goal of enhancing the dining experience by using technology solutions. Launching with a vision for process optimization and client loyalty in mind, SKYLIL has equipped itself with a state-of-the-art software solution that comprises all aspects, required by the most demanding restaurant businesses of today.

In Skylil, we are aware of the difficulties faced by restaurant managers and owners because of the daily operations that they have to deal with. Ranging from picking boxes to stock management and guest management, the role of the restaurant manager is a continuous learning curve. So we have chosen the way of them and their customers. We develop intuitive, feature-rich software that helps restaurant professionals get through the barriers that the market puts before them.

Our group is composed of technology and hospitality veterans who have rich experience in both areas but also they have been equipped with an exceptional set of abilities to create enterprise solutions that meet the needs of demanding clients. We specially craft our solutions aiming at the specific client needs and problems, to make them match the conditions of your specific business.

Apart from providing a Software as a Service, SKYLIL is also about much more. Offering superior support and continuous updates is our way to go to synchronize the development of our products with the growth of your organization. Whether you need large systems that grow with you or small customized ones that can grow with your business, we have solutions for that.

Talking about intuitive point-of-sale systems to comprehensive back-office management tools, SKYLIL presents a complete suite of software solutions that may prompt both the smooth functioning of your activities and skyrocket your success. Join a growing stream of restaurants worldwide that rely on the reliable SKYLIL solution to scale their businesses.

Experience what you have never experienced before with SKYLIL – where technology and hospitality are married, and prosperity is on the sedition!